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KNOWER are a searing hot music duo from Los Angeles, formed of the multi Grammy Nominated drummer-producer Louis Cole and singer-composer Genevieve Artadi. Their collaboration spans beyond a decade, molding a musical fusion unhindederd by style and genre. Some would describe their flavors as a meeting of deep chords, hot funk, jazz, electronic, metal and cinematic orchestral epics. Forever sailing into a seemingly new sonic world, KNOWER’s sound is mirrored by their DIY music videos and live show experience. Expect retro animations, flying dicks, multi-armed outfits, trippy layered vfx and most importantly their outstanding musicianship.

Committed to never holding back and never settling; Genevieve’s lyrical depth within the duos collaborative song creation anchors KNOWER’s works as a book of life. Songs ‘Hanging On’, ‘Overtime’ and ‘Whats In Your Heart’ strike the center of persuing both the dream and truth in life. Even in more recent albums, ‘It’s All Nothing Until It’s Everything’, ‘The Abyss’, ‘Different Life’, the yearning of life’s questions continues. And in reality, this is their own story too; forging a self-made journey of 5 self-released albums paired with off-world visual content and incredible live shows. Its clear that KNOWER’s commitment to their art is what makes independent, a truly free landscape.

KNOWER’s wormhole of viral music videos are filled with live performances and scenes which will remain etched in your memory. Even “The Govt. Knows”, a song which was not allowed to air on BBC,  “Time Traveller” and “Overtime (Live Band Sesh)” have amassed millions of views making KNOWER an internet zeit-geist and respectable muso meme. The duo’s online presence led to the attention of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers who invited them on a European tour. Even the Lego Ninjago movie had them create the credit-screen song “Dance of Doom”.

Their fifth and latest album KNOWER FOREVER [2023] is a testiment to finding something timeless. The album was celebrated as Bandcamp's most purchased vinyl of 2023, and has grown to be known as one of the most progressive cinematic future-jazz records of today, with fans witnessing their sold out tours in Japan, USA and Europe.

A feat of scale and circumstance, the recording began pre-covid but was only finished after the pandemic, when their large ensemble could meet again in person.Recorded from their LA home, their deconstructed orchestra of strings, wind, brass and a full chorus are filmed performing live in various rooms of the house. And admist their set up is a heavyweight core band featuring many of their long time collaborators and friends rooted in the vortex of LA’s thriving jazz scene; notably Sam Wilkes, Mononeon, Sam Gendel, David Binney, Rai Thistlethwayte, Paul Cornish, Jacob Mann, Pedro Martins, Adam Ratner and many other notable ensemble performers.

KNOWER continue to tour their album internationally, and this 2024 can be found at North Sea Jazz Festival, Pori Jazz Festival, to sold out club tours in the US and Europe. Sometimes appearing with additional horn lines and guest performers, KNOWER’s deep musical experiences are something unforgettable.

Released: KNOWER FOREVER, June 2, 2023